To Websites - The Purpose of Websites

Website Name Why Visit It? Why Was It Made? Amazon To shop for items of any kind from all over the world. Created as a third-party seller that involves discounts, free shipping, and easy shopping. Netflix To stream and watch TV and movies. Made as a streaming service for people who might not use cable, but can still watch shows and movies. Youtube To watch videos about almost anything including education, gaming, sports, etc. To allow people to create and post video content that can be reviewed and rated. If sponsored, a user has the choice of monetizing their videos.

Website​ ​Description: Julia wants to become a better home cook, so she started a blog where she can post about the recipes she tries. Each week Julia attempts a new recipe and adds a page about it to her blog. Sometimes the recipes go really well and her blog readers leave her encouraging comments. Occasionally her recipe attempts don’t go so well, but she still posts and usually gets some helpful advice from her readers. Afte…

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Submarine Cable Questions

Q: Why are fiber-optic cables better than satellites?

A:Fiber-optic cables can carry far more data at far less cost than satellites.

Q: What sort of things can break these cables?

A: Fishing vessels and ships dragging anchors account for two-thirds of all cable faults.                       Environmental factors like earthquakes also contribute to damage.

Q: What is the typical "lifespan" of a submarine cable?

A: Cables are engineered with a minimum design life of 25 years, but cables may remain operational longer. 

Credit Vocab

Credit Vocabulary Terms:
Annual Fee:  the once a year cost of owning a credit card. 
Annual Percentage Rate (APR):  the yearly interest rate charged on outstanding credit card balances
Credit Line: The maximum dollar amount that can be charged on a specific credit card account.
Cash Back/Rewards: Using a credit card with a rewards program may earn you benefits like free travel

Balance: an amount of money or the amount of money owed
Minimum Payment: The minimum amount of money that you are required to pay on your credit card statement each month in order to keep the account on par

Article Summaries

What Did You *Think* They Do With Your Data?
This article talks about an app called "AccuWeather" and how they are supposedly giving away users location and data to third-party company for profit.The writer then goes on to say that the app was sharing people's information even when the user opted out. When the opt out message comes up when you first run the app, it states that you have the option to allow or don't allow the app to access your information. But, what the writer is saying is that no matter if you allow it or don't allow it, they will still use your data and location and someway. 

For $1000, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use
Researchers at the University of Washington have come up with a theory that a person with "devious intent" can purchase and target online advertisements. If a criminal does this, they can potential have access to a user's private information and their location. The researchers tested t…

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